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Journeyers' Fare (Ticket In Hand)

Thank you for accepting our invitation to preview A Journey With Strange Bedfellows.  

This “listen – look – learn” project (developed by seasoned professionals) combines multiple, stand-alone components that give rise to an educational bundle which has a S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art and math) powered curriculum that can be used by educators in a “whole brain” edu-tainment application that's suitable for ages 12 and up.

The components include:
            1)A two-hour long (full performance) audio drama [presented in four (4) parts],
            2)A “read along” 120 page, professionally illustrated graphic novel,
            3)A stage (radio) play book, 
            4)An original music score (13 songs), and
            5)A (300+ pages) educators’ guide with (S.T.E.AM. curriculum based) lesson
                           plans & activity pages.

Please contact us at:

                Forest Rose Productions, LLC

Illustrated by David Stoll
(13 songs)
by Peter Van Riet

Life (and surviving it) depends upon the choices one makes. Ahead is a STRANGE JOURNEY where Players must rely on allies [friends] to survive, and to anticipate enemies’ efforts to interrupt forward progress as they perpetrate [do or carry out] damage. Players must devise strategies to overcome immediate [current] as well as imminent [forthcoming] complications [difficulties] to persevere [continue on], achieve a goal, and remain safe to win the game. As in life, Players must recognize the merits, pros and cons of companionship and alliances [partnerships, associations] while realizing appearances may not be as they seem. One man’s friend is another man’s enemy. Tread carefully as enemies transmogrify [change] into allies, and friends become adversaries [opponents]. Success is often determined not just by who you know, but how you’ve come to know, utilize [use], protect, help, manipulate [control] and / or exploit [abuse] them. Players beware as accomplishing [realizing] a goal can incite [prompt] a greater, more perilous [unsafe] journey when playing... 
Our goal is for these components to be made available through various delivery platforms that would best serve a variety of (domestic & international) markets plus a range of educational schemes to include public, private and home school environments. Adapted from or inspired by classic literature, story elements and themes lend themselves to both secular and non-secular approaches that can be integral to English Lit and English-as-a-second-language applications.

~ Be careful what you wish for; respect / consider karma
~ Innocence vs. ignorance
~ Beware of others’ intentions – listen to your inner voice / heed your gut feelings
~ People may not be as they seem (beware of hypocrites)
~ Be wary of nature’s (or God’s) wrath; don't take it for granted or ignore it
~ Curiosity can be dangerous 
~ Be willing to sacrifice to achieve a goal
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