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Thank you for accepting our invitation to preview A Journey With Strange Bedfellows.  

This “listen – look – learn” project (developed by seasoned professionals) combines multiple, stand-alone components that give rise to an educational bundle which has a S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art and math) powered curriculum that can be used by educators in a “whole brain” edu-tainment application that's suitable for ages 12 and up.

The components include:
            1)A two-hour long (full performance) audio drama [presented in four (4) parts],
            2)A “read along” 120 page, professionally illustrated graphic novel,
            3)A stage (radio) play book, 
            4)An original music score (13 songs), and
            5)An educators’ guide with handout pages.

Our goal is for these (franchise) components to be made available through various delivery platforms that would best serve a variety of (domestic & international) markets plus a range of educational schemes to include public, private and home school environments.   Adapted from or inspired by classic literature, story elements and themes lend themselves to both secular and non-secular approaches that can be integral to English Lit and English-as-a-second-language applications.

If you see value in forming a mutually beneficial partnership with us, please contact us at:

                Forest Rose Productions, LLC

Illustrated by David Stoll
" Mechanical Love " by Peter Van Riet
A Journey With Strange Bedfellows
Life (and surviving it) depends upon the choices one makes. Ahead is a STRANGE JOURNEY where Players must rely on allies [friends] to survive, and to anticipate enemies’ efforts to interrupt forward progress as they perpetrate [do or carry out] damage. Players must devise strategies to overcome immediate [current] as well as imminent [forthcoming] complications [difficulties] to persevere [continue on], achieve a goal, and remain safe to win the game. As in life, Players must recognize the merits, pros and cons of companionship and alliances [partnerships, associations] while realizing appearances may not be as they seem. One man’s friend is another man’s enemy. Tread carefully as enemies transmogrify [change] into allies, and friends become adversaries [opponents]. Success is often determined not just by who you know, but how you’ve come to know, utilize [use], protect, help, manipulate [control] and / or exploit [abuse] them. Players beware as accomplishing [realizing] a goal can incite [prompt] a greater, more perilous [unsafe] journey when playing...